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After having mostly composed  Psalms and music for the catholic Mass, it is time for me to start composing for voices and instruments out of the liturgy. 

Music remains for me a special art which enable ourselves to be connected to subtile dimensions of the Life.

The recent compositions include organ pipe and voices, choir a cappella pieces, Violin, Viola da Gamba and Recorder, and Pan Flute.

Pieces written for organ and voices/instruments will also have a transcription replacing organ by strings.

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My first musics heard when i was a child were Chanson française, Jazz and classical. 

After studying music at the Conservatoires of Liège, Brussels and Antwerp, harmony and Contrepoint and organ improvisation, i started to compose by myself psalms. Imitation was a nice tool to investigate and to compose at the beginning.

The style used is using many types of langages as a whole field of possibilities.


I'm always looking for new and creative collaborations. Let's connect.

+32 495 530614

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